Tips promoting your restaurant

The restaurant industry is becoming increasingly competitive and will continue to do so. The best way to stay ahead of the competition effectively is to differentiate your restaurant from others.

There many strategic methods to promote your restaurant. The following list comprises of just some which have proven to be cost effective and returned promising results:
  • Advertise your restaurant in local newspapers.
  • Produce a website which supports all consumer platforms. With today’s society making use of computers, phones and various other forms of mobile technology, ensure your site is optimized to cater for all devices and display content effectively.
  • Open free social media accounts, Exposure via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are all ways to reach target audiences via word of mouth.
  • Actively promote your presence on social media platforms by communicating promotions and offers to customers. Invite and encourage customers to comment and review their experience.
  • Capture quality images of menu items to provide prospective customers a visual representation of dishes they can order.
  • Offer greater discounts and specials on quiet business days to attract volume customers and have the least impact to business cash flow.
  • Offer discounts or free dessert for customers celebrating a major event such as a birthday (50% of Americas eat out on their birthday).
  • Capture customer details such as an email address to inform them of upcoming promotions and contact them during important yearly events such as Christmas, Easter and their birth date.
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